Paper Scanning No need to annotate a page

Count on the scan software to turn that mountain of papers, bills check and documents into secure searchable pdf files you can store jsut about anywhere. The software straightens scans automatically. No need to annotate a page before you send it. No problem. Works with over 300+ scanners so you can pick the brand you like.

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  • Scan to Microsoft Sharepoint 2010, cloud or any hard disk
  • Drag and drop
  • Annotate any page with a palette of tools
  • Adobe encryption or AES 256 bit security
  • Image processing functions like crop and rotate
Image ProcessingDeskew, Border Removal, Rotation
Math ExpressionsYes
UI CustomizationYes
Cover DetectionYes
Local ScanningYes
Cloud ScanningYes
Drag and DropYes
Color ScanningYes

***** Steve

In my office scanning documents Image Scan saves me time so that I have everything on the network server so the staff has immediate access without going to the file cabinets or having to make Xerox copies.

***** RP

We first use the mobile product to code the documents and generate barcode labels so the forms get stored in the proper location. We then scan and code all documents that come into the organization. Everybody can now search for documents, see the image and then email to outside agencies when needed. This system has saved us a great deal of time since we have to keep records forever.

Question : Can I scan color slides?

Answer : The software is designed for business paper both black and white and color documents.

Question : When I start the program the window is not visible. How do you fix this problem?

Answer : In the configuration file C:\Users\Public\ScanNet\config\ScanNetConf.txt make sure there are no negative values. MainFormX=389 MainFormY=67 MainFormWidth=1478 MainFormLength=907

Question : How do I scan really old documents?

Answer : Please get a scanner that allows you to have flatbed scanning. This means you lay the document directly on the glass. Place a white cardboard sheet on top if the document is very thin.