The Model 41382LF2 Relative Humidity/Temperature Probe combines high accuracy humidity and temperature sensors in a single probe. The output signal is 4-20 mA. RH range is 0-100%. Temperature range is -50 to +150°F.
Install the probe in a naturally ventilated or fan aspirated radiation shield. Mount probe and shield in a location with good air circulation clear of large thermal masses (buildings, pavement, solar panels, etc.), exhaust vents, electrical machinery and motors, water fountains and sprinklers. Typical wiring diagrams appear on next page.
Measuring range:
0-100% RH
Accuracy at 23°C:
Better than ±1%RH per year
Response Time:
10 seconds (Without Filter)
Sensor type:
Rotronic Hygromer
Measuring Range:
-50 to +150°F
Accuracy at 23°C:
Response Time:
10 seconds (Without Filter)
Sensor type:
Platinum RTDW
Output signal:
4-20 mA
Power Required:
5-30 VDC, 46 mA max
Recommended Cable:
2 Pair shielded 22AWG, Young 18723
Recommended Shields:
Young Model 43502 Aspirated Radiation Shield
Young Model 41003P Multi-Plate Radiation Shield
The probe provides years of service with minimal maintenance. Humidity calibration, which may drift slightly with time, can be checked or restored at the factory. Periodically clean the humidity sensor filter when used in areas of high dust or contamination (smokestacks, seawater, etc.) Soak in clean water or use a mild soap solution. DO NOT USE SOLVENTS.
This product complies with the European CE directive on EMC compatibility. Shielded cable must be used.
This product is warranted to be free of defects in materials and construction for a period of 12 months from date of initial purchase. Liability is limited to repair or replacement of defective item. A copy of the warranty policy may be obtained from R. M. Young Company.