Extension Cable


Green Deutsch 9Pin connector male to female J1939 Type 2 Extension Cable 7 Feet AWG24 Shielded J1939 splitter y cable

Asset Tracker


Ideal for tracking high value items via the internet. Get text alerts when an item moves or enters a forbidden zone. Battery lasts 5 years. The standard version requires a cellular connection while the global uses cellular and satellite and works anywhere.

Trucker ELD


The hardware connects directly to the J1939 port and is compatible with all RCO ELD software apps running on android or IOS mobile devices.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy
  • 66-channel high-performance GPS receiver
  • Operates from 4-30V
  • Industrial -40 to +125 Coperational temperature range
  • FCC and IC certified

Rugged Safety Cam


Attach this to the back of your trailer or any vehicle and get a smart view behind you. The system will help guide you when backing into the dock between trucks and warn you if you are too close to a truck or any poles. The system will show you the optimal path to the loading dock and help guide you with range information. With smart object detection the system warns you if somebody walks behind you. We always encourage drivers to go out an look (GOAL) in addition to using the system. While you are driving the system warns you when drivers are following too close.



ELD Enterprise
per year: $120
Extension Cable
one time: $20
Trucker ELD
one time: $140
You only need to buy the ELD device and cable once and the software is renewed each year


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