Dash Cam Features


DR900X-1CH - 4K UHD @30fps, 162o Wide View angle

DR750X-2CH - 4K UHD (Front) / Full HD (Rear) @30fps, Rear Sony STARVISTM CMOS Sensor, Front 162o, Rear 139o Wide View angle

H.265 encoding for small file size (H.264 supported)

Adaptive Format-Free File System, Event File Protection

Built-in Parking Mode voltage monitor for direct hardwiring

Scheduled Reboot in Parking Mode

Built-in Wi-Fi(2.4/5GHz), GPS

Cloud: Wi-Fi or CM100 LTE module

impact sensor and motion detection

Extension Cable


Green Deutsch 9Pin connector male to female J1939 Type 2 Extension Cable 7 Feet AWG24 Shielded J1939 splitter y cable

Asset Tracker


Ideal for tracking high value items via the internet. Get text alerts when an item moves or enters a forbidden zone. Battery lasts 5 years. The standard version requires a cellular connection while the global uses cellular and satellite and works anywhere.

Automation Gateway


Perfect for IOT applications where you need to connect automation systems to web servers in remote gateways. Unix based operating system with low power sleep mode. USB, Bluetooth, 10/100mb ethernet

Trucker ELD


The hardware connects directly to the J1939 port and is compatible with all RCO ELD software apps running on android or IOS mobile devices.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy
  • 66-channel high-performance GPS receiver
  • Operates from 4-30V
  • Industrial -40 to +125 Coperational temperature range
  • FCC and IC certified

Short range Scanner


A light-weight Bluetooth barcode scanner that truckers can use for scanning cargo faster. Connects with Android or IOS mobile devices using the RCO ELD apps. Blue, green, red, white and yellow colors available. Designed and Assembled in the USA

Long range Scanner


This scanner is a beast and best used for scanning in the warehouse or hard to reach items. In addition to capturing virtually any 1D or 2D barcode as far as 7 ft. away, these scanners can be dropped from 8 ft. on concrete and keep on working. You get all the features you need for truly unstoppable performance, redefining scanner reliability and management simplicity. The result? The dependable, fast and accurate scanning you need to take your customer service to the next level. Works with the RCO Truck app on Android or IOS devices.

Mobile Printer


A rugged receipt printer with auto cutter. Delivers 3-inch receipts with clean, smooth edges. Compatible with iOS®, Android™ and Windows® mobile platforms, it speeds through jobs at up to 100 mm per second. Works with the RCO Trucks app. This reliable printer features a long-life battery and four-foot drop rating, plus paper-saving options. Get high-quality printing on the go.

Remote Station


Control 110 or 220 a/c devices like pumps, motors, valves, lights and much more. Communication with standard Wi-Fi, USB, and 10/100mb ethernet. Touch panel display in waterproof case that you can lock to avoid unwanted access.

CSV Editor


CSV Editor creates and edits comma separated value (CSV) files which can be used to exchange information between software applications. Many functions are included to find and clean “dirty data”. You can format address information to create mailing labels. This Windows program will save you hours of time when doing a conversion!

Key Features:

  • Automatic Block Fill (Dates, Random Numbers…)
  • Validation and Uniqueness Checking
  • Set Operations
  • Sorting
  • Generating Data Sets

Label Maker


Design any label from photo id cards to shipping box labels, to wine labels or front and back labels. Add 1D or 2D barcodes for faster data entry processing. Comes with artist created labels. Add QR barcodes for your cargo and quality control.

Key Features:

  • Vector drawing tools
  • Rotate or scale objects
  • 1D & 2D barcodes (PDF417 and QR codes)
  • Reads CSV or Oracle database
  • Print a series of labels with serial numbers

Rugged Safety Cam


Attach this to the back of your trailer or any vehicle and get a smart view behind you. The system will help guide you when backing into the dock between trucks and warn you if you are too close to a truck or any poles. The system will show you the optimal path to the loading dock and help guide you with range information. With smart object detection the system warns you if somebody walks behind you. We always encourage drivers to go out an look (GOAL) in addition to using the system. While you are driving the system warns you when drivers are following too close.


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