RCO has a great many sensors to provide you analytic field data with real time text message alerts so everything gets handled in a timely manner.


Floor scales are robust platforms available in many different sizes and designed for weighing loads from 600 kg to more than 25,000 kg in a variety of industries and applications from pharmaceutical manufacturing to logistics operations. These platforms may be individually configured to meet your precision, quality and environmental needs with options that include hygienic design for easy cleaning, hazardous area approvals for safety, and a broad range of accessories.

Durable weighbridges for long truck scale life

Truck scales in this category are designed for trucks that are used in normal highway transportation. The modular design of these products allow for customization to suit your exact needs. Choose from a wide range of steel and concrete deck truck scale designs that use our POWERCELL load cell technology to provide proven performance and exceptional durability.


Often you need to measure temperature for a variety of reasons. Sometimes you need frost alerts to turn on heaters. You may need to check that the temperature in your cooler rooms are correctly set. Real time sensor telematics enable you to provide customers with complete cold chain accountability for your products and provide quality control. The temperature and humidity can have separate high low values. With the door sensor you have complete reporting on when trailers are loaded and unloaded. The manager group gets real time text alert messages whenever a problem occurs so that you can react quickly. The driver can monitor sensor values on their mobile device and see a red warning out of range condition and can get an audio message if the speaker is enabled.

Soil Moisture

Soil Moisture sensors will give you readings at several depths. You can choose a length that works best for the product you grow. Row crops employ shorter lengths than the orchards that have deep roots. Combining a sensor with a deep root irrigation drip system can save you water and apply both water and liquid fertilizer directly to the root system generating a higher yield. With analytical data you can avoid under or over-watering the plants.


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