RCO gives you the ability to track any piece of equipment or workers in the fields doing planting, weeding, pruning, irrigation and harvesting. Whether you want to track the field truck, the bins/crates/boxes in the warehouse or the long distance truck delivering product to your customer RCO has a solution for you.

Trailer Mapping

Your customers can track where their product is on their mobile device or on a browser.

Location Information

See every trailer on a map on your phone, workstation or tablet anytime. You can see the trail where the trailer went from any time period. Touch the trailer and see how long the trailer has been at the current location.

Customer Alerts

Setup text message alerts for each trailer so that your customers know where their goods are at anytime. This automation saves you time and money so that you don’t spend time on the phone.


Track all your bins using barcodes so you know which ranch and which lot they were delivered to and picked up from. Scan the bin going to the cooler or the production line. Scan the worker that filled the bin.


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