The ELD Eagle helps you focus on driving and keeps you compliant with FMCSA regulations. Of course you get all the standard stuff like electronic logs and vehicle inspection reports and automatically doing IFTA tax reports. Of course you can use your own phone or tablet.

* Heads up display so you don’t have to look down and take your eyes off the road!

* All the rest areas in the United States showing you the closest ones

* All the TA’s and Pilots in the United States showing you the closest ones.

* All the Engine fault codes displayed so no more having to look them up.

* NO DEAD SPOTS! You heard that right..

* Gauges that auto change for night and day driving.

How about some extras?

Thank you for asking. If you get the trailer monitor then you can read the trailer information right on the phone and know the temperature is just right (full cold chain) and no lost loads. You can tell if somebody opens the door when you are eating or away from your rig then you will get a text alert message right to your phone. If you get the Truck guard you can have video and radar surveillance right to your phone.


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