A fully certified FMCSA ELD to help your drivers stay in compliance at all times.

Designed to help the driver meet all FMCSA hours of service requirements and stay safe on the road. Drivers get an easy to use display showing them a map route with navigation directions and estimated time en route.

With a single glance you can see your miles today and how many miles to the major truck stops and rest areas. You can easily decide what you want to see on the map like weigh stations, low clearance, truck wash just to name a few.

Fleet managers can track the location of each truck and trailer on a map and their route from the start of a shift. They have a record of all pretrip inspections and can see the hours of service for every driver.

IFTA data gets automatically collected for each truck. Electronic bill of lading signatures show the load was delivered. They have a dashboard to slice and dice data to make informed decisions. Supports Android, Apple and Windows. The hardware connects directly to the J1939 port and is compatible with all RCO ELD software apps running on android or IOS mobile devices.

Key Features

  • IOS, Android and Windows devices
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • IFTA
  • Gas Stations and Rest Areas
  • Real time Gauges
  • Reports
  • Driver Forms
  • Truck and Trailer maps
  • Offline maps
  • Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy
  • 66-channel high-performance GPS receiver
  • Operates from 4-30V
  • Industrial -40 to +125 Coperational temperature range
  • FCC and IC certified

Manager Features

  • Fleet Map
  • Import Trucks
  • Import Trailers
  • Import Drivers
  • IFTA Form
  • Driver Logs
  • Scheduling
  • Driver Tickets
  • Ticket Notes with Photos
  • Live Ticket Tracking
  • Hours of Service
  • Points of Interest
  • Fuel Receipts
  • Toll Receipts
  • Skill Performance Form
  • Medical Form
  • Bill of Lading
  • Trailer Loading
  • Online Manuals
$240 (per year)
Hardware Included

Software Support

ELD Device




Driver Logs

Drivers can track their hours of service easily and send an email to FMCSA with one button click. Extra features include the ability to have electronic forms of your medical records and skill performance evaluations and your daily vehicle inspection reports.

Fuel Receipts and IFTA

Record fuel receipts and easily create IFTA fuel reports for all your trucks at the end of each quarter no matter what type of fuel. Capture photos of fuel receipts. A dashboard lets you see a chart of your fuel usage per the month or by the state

HOS Violations

One touch operations makes training and operation faster. Stay informed about the current speed limit. Large gauges keep the driver informed so they avoid HOS violations. Distances to the nearest gas stations and rest areas is constantly updated.

Driver Skill Performance

Drivers can have all their forms in PDF electronic format. Includes the common FMCSA forms like Driver Skill Performance, Driver Medical and Violations to name a few. Forms can be printed, emailed and searched at any time.


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