General Purpose 4-20 mA Loop-Powered LVDT Position Sensors.
The SI 750 Series of 3/4 inch diameter, loop powered 4-20 mA LVDT position transmitters is designed for a wide range of position monitoring and feedback applications. Their exceptional reliability is a result of manufacturing processes and assembly techniques developed and optimized by Macro Sensors over many years of manufacturing LVDT sensors. Their stainless steel housings act as magnetic shields to reduce the effects of external AC magnetic fields, and their sealing meets IEC standard IP-62. Available in standard ranges of 1 inch (25 mm) to 20 inches (500 mm), the maximum linearity error for an SI 750 Series sensor is ±0.25% of full range output using a statistically best-fit straight line derived by the least squares method. SI 750 Series transmitters offer the frictionless operation, high resolution, excellent repeatability, and low hysteresis associated with LVDT technology, along with the convenience and simplicity of a precalibrated 4-20 mA current loop operation. The unit can be operated as 2-wire loop-powered or 3-wire sourcing externally powered. The built-in electronics operate over a wide range of loop supply voltages and resistances, and are designed to operate with many PLCs, digital indicators, A/D converters, computer-based data processors, and QC data collection systems.
  • Standard measurement ranges of 1 to 20 inches
  • 4 to 20 mA input/output
  • Non-linearity of ±0.25% of FRO or better
  • Industry-standard 3/4 inch [19 mm] diameter
  • Through-bore design
  • Sealed to IEC IP-62
Loop Supply Voltage:
10 V to 28 V DC
Loop Resistance (Min.):
50 Ohms
4-20 mA
Output Noise & Ripple:
< or equal to 10 μA rms
Frequency Response (-3dB):
50 Hz (nominal)
Linearity Error:
< ±0.25% of FRO
Repeatability Error:
< 0.01% of FRO
Hysteresis Error:
< 0.01% of FRO
Operating Temperature
-20 °F to +175 °F
-30 °C to +80°C
Thermal Coefficient of Scale Factor:
-0.015%/°F (nominal)
-0.027%/°C (nominal)
Vibration Tolerance:
20 g to 2 kHz
Shock Survival:
100 g, 11 ms